Contents of The Book Of The Covenant, A Witness Against America


Introduction — Insight to what The Book of The Covenant is and what it is not. Insight to why this ancient book is so important to all mankind. Insight to how The Book of The Covenant fits into the modern era.

Chapter 1 — YHWH introduces Himself

Chapter 2 — Idolatry, The Test Of A Nation

Chapter 3 — The Reputation of YHWH

Chapter 4 — Time, The Mark Of YHWH

Chapter 5 — Honor To The Most High

Chapter 6 — Hate, The Enemy Within

Chapter 7 — Mixing and Confusion

Chapter 8 — The Fleecing Of America

Chapter 9 — What Is Truth

Chapter 10 — The Character of Sovereignty

Chapter 11 — Relationship And Fear

Chapter 12 — The Church Of Hewn Stones

Chapter 13 — Slavery, The Path Of True Rehabilitation

Chapter 14 — Covenant Woman, A Typology Of Believers

Chapter 15 — Corporal Punishment

Chapter 16 — Non-Corporal Punishment, Restitution

Chapter 17 — True Social Justice, A Leftist’ Nightmare

Chapter 18 — Time, The Mark of YHWH

Chapter 19 — The Unforgiving YHWH

Chapter 20 — The Other Three Entries

Chapter 21 — The North American Indians

Chapter 22 — The Land of YHWH

Chapter 23 — The Christian Mindset Concerning Covenant Law

Chapter 24 — Jacob’s Brother…. The Real Jews

Chapter 25 — Egypt, A Typology of Christianity, The Spirit of Antichrist

Chapter 26 — The Clean Versus The Unclean

Chapter 27 — The Process Of Salvation

Chapter 28 — Regeneration, The Process Of Perfection

Chapter 29 — The Government of YHWH, Land Versus Sea


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Joey Thompson

An ordained Elder in the ministry of YHWH, commissioned to restore truth at this end time. You can contact me via email at: