List Of Grievances Believers Should Be Taking To The Almighty In Prayer And Fasting

Joey Thompson
13 min readJan 28, 2023

In the Spirit of our nation’s Founding Fathers, who found themselves in an unfixable situation, being pressed on every side by a tyrannical King, via the divine providence lent to those great men, they enacted a list of 27 Grievances against the King within The Declaration of Independence, opening with these words.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

What follows is the certain framework of divorce from a government that was leading to death via a definite list of grievances against the one doing the oppression, King George. Thus there was an identifiable enemy to send such a divorcement to. Today, we have no “one” enemy, for the enemy is multifaceted. A league of evil that ultimately has one controlling head, to which most Believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Creator of all that is, would never fathom. That controlling head is none other than God Himself.

Thus it is to Our Creator and King that we humbly submit these grievances to, in prayer and fasting, asking to be divorced from the world we now live, via whatever method God deems fitting for us. We simply desire His divine intervention in the affairs of this nation, for the express purpose of restoring our nation addressing each one of the grievances until fully repaired accordingly.

1 — Our Federal Government has a twisted idea of the ideology concerning the Separation of the Christian Assembly and State, kicking God out of the political arena.

A careful study of our Founding Fathers' commentary concerning the platforms of church and state within our republic will show their overwhelming conclusion, that the Constitution can not work, void of the morality and righteousness of the men wielding such a law. A study into the Founders would also reveal the only religion they saw that would produce such morality was Apostolic Christianity. This was in no way the official stance, but privately it was the overwhelming prevailing thought. No other religions were even considered.

The Bible, likewise shows a King AND Priest government, working together, in the coming Kingdom of God, here on this earth. The Founders studied and were led to build and memic that very government, in a kind of infancy toward The kingdom of Heaven, here on earth, where the Law of Liberty was the backbone of The Constitution. The two bodies of government, both King and Priest are to function in conjunction with one another to aid in the growth of the people and the nation.

The Founders were against any one sect or denomination within Christianity governing the freedom to be a Christian outside of the walls of that single organization, such as The Church of England. Nor did they desire to have any single organization interfere in the affairs of the government, as the Catholic Church did in Europe for so many centuries before them, and they certainly did not mean to boot The Almighty out of our schools, our assemblies, or our government.

2 — Corruption is prevalent in both matters pertaining to the church and in matters pertaining to politics.

Corruption is best defined as changes made to something right or correct via fraudulent methods for the purpose of unjust gain. The key word in that definition is “gain”, as in for profit or power incentives accordingly. These avenues avail themselves far too often in both governments and within our congregations of worship in this nation. Simply put, political and even religious service has become big money. We want it fixed.

3 — Our nation loves unjust balances and scales.

The Bible speaks quite a lot about forms of unjust balances and scales concerning wealth, gain, money, power, and yes justice. Man has pushed the envelope concerning ways to advance power, wealth, and lordship over other men. We are not sure what the answer is, but we no longer desire the unlevel playing field economically that we currently have in this nation and the world. Our suggestion if we may is to have wealth be stipulative upon the righteousness of a man’s character.

4 — Our nation has deep divisions between Believers concerning basic doctrinal issues.

The ancient philosophers strengthened society by leading the way in the respectful debate concerning the issues of spiritual and political matters. The art of critical thought in both arenas is reduced to rubble when society ceases to support the actions of exercising the mind concerning doctrinal debate and thought. A common philosophy today is to never talk about religion or politics. Why? Could it be because the issues that divide us are not allowed to be discussed and thus we are kept weakened accordingly?

5 — Our nation practices and teaches sexual perversion.

Of all the objections, we as Believers have against our nation, the sexual deviation from the constructs of the institution of marriage that you ordained as well as the gender desecration taking place today, is by far and away the greatest of all our outrage. Whatever it takes, we want this scourge on our society removed as quickly as possible.

6 — Abortion

We know, the gift of life is in the hands of The Most High, the Architect of all that is. Men and women have massive amounts of blood on their hands, via the murder of aborted babies numbering in the millions. We have no right to offend the pattern of Our Creator’s conception of life, not to mention the rights of these unborn babies. We believe certain things are not left up to the federal, state, or local government and this is one certain misgiving in our nation.

7 — Our Nation’s unwillingness to protect our borders from undocumented immigrants and the human establishment of future citizens in the right way.

This has become a political spectacle of Babylon. The mixing of the higher standards America had set for the world, void of education of those standards, such as language, proper laws, self-governance, clean and right living conditions, and most of all, The God we are intended to worship, has led our nation down a path to which there is no return. Our desire is to have all undocumented people vetted properly in this way, with high standards met before anyone can enter and become a citizen of our nation.

8 — We have lost our standards of morality in this nation.

Before our nation was declared in 1776 and constituted fully in 1791, our Founding Fathers were raised, being educated spiritually by great men such as John and Charles Westley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and other pastors and teachers, strong in the faith of Christ, who laid a solid foundation of all knowledge originating from The Bible. This early bedrock of knowledge sustained the faith and courage to accomplish the movements of the revolution against tyranny. Our desire is to see the next generation of men and women be afforded such standards of morality once again.

9 — The poor in our nation are encouraged to go into economic captivity due to Governmental welfare.

Our Savior stated, “The poor you will have among you always.” John 12:8. Government should never be held to the standards which are assigned to the Assemblies of Believers in Christ. Our desire is to have biblical criteria for dealing with the poor, which is one of rebuilding and restitution accomplished by the institutional practices laid out in scripture.

10 — Our educational system has an agenda of the indoctrination of our children, as they fail to teach our children the basics of learning via The Bible, Math, Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Proper Physical Education.

There must be a right standard for our education system reinstalled and even deepened above that of anything witnessed in our nation’s history. Immoral, degenerate persons shall not be allowed anywhere our children.

11 — Our government whores out our nation’s resources to other nations, via wars fought, money laundering, corrupted policies, and laws generated to work against the people of America. Our tax dollars feed other nations’ corruption.

This must be stopped immediately. Our desire is to be able to help other nations, but only under the constructs of righteous standards for both parties. We want other nations to be built up in the right way, based upon their own polar righteousness, not ours.

12 — Success has come to be identified by power and money-gained rather than by the morality of character.

We have lost our nobility in righteousness. In days gone by, a man was known for his character and his good name. Working off of the famous Martin Luther King, I have a dream speech, we also have a dream, when all men are known for the content of their character rather than the content of their bank account or their platform accordingly.

13 — Our nation has lost the ability to identify and destroy evil.

Today, in our nation, the words of Isaiah the prophet ring true. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20. The people in our nation have no desire to judge evil for what it is and destroy it immediately. In doing so, we have allowed a demonic monster to rise and we desire Our King to come, destroy it and teach us how to recognize and destroy evil for ourselves.

14 — Religion based upon the worship of gods other than The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the very One that Died on the cross, has permeated our society.

It was not the intent of our Founding Fathers concerning The Bill of Rights for other religions apart from Apostolic Christianity to fall under the first amendment of those God-given rights. The Almighty is very clear in The Bible, He will not bless a people who worship other gods and our Founding Fathers knew it.

15- Our religious congregations have lost their civic duty in society.

Being constrained by the candy of negative taxation, our Christian Assemblies and Organizations concentrate their efforts on increasing their membership and their spiritual power in their own minds. Preparing a people to govern righteously should be the goal, rather than obtaining great numbers of tithe payers in lieu of the promise of salvation. Salvation is not the church’s to give, but the leadership of the church believes that it is and our people have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

16 — Our government has become a top-down autocracy rather than a true republic as our Founding Fathers intended.

Government is best defined as an organized service of the people it governs. The constructs of our Republic must be relearned and made a priority in all of the people’s minds, once again. Especially anyone running for or holding office. Power and the love of power have replaced Service as the main object of political office. Our Public Servants have forgotten they are to serve the people.

17 — Money raised has become the measuring stick for the worthiness of any given candidate for office.

This is a great horror and an offense to our Republic. When adverse lobbyists and foreign commerce agencies are allowed to build up any one candidate for future trade toward their own agendas, and the candidate with the largest bank account becomes the front-runner to win any given election, our nation is doomed to repeat all the self-made curses we have witnessed over the past 150 years.

18 — Our Federal, State, and Local governments feed their hunger and thirst for power via oppressive taxation of the people.

Laws are passed and enacted by Congress void of the people’s say-so. The people can protest a bill before it is passed and Congress members do not consider or apply the people’s desires. Congress never even reads the bills they pass, just as long as their own financial gain is discovered. This must cease.

19 — Our mainstream media has become politically opinionated, creating more division in our nation.

Our Founding Fathers saw a free press as an absolute must, in order for our Republic to survive. By in large, they never dreamed the press could become so politically opinionated as to create a division that would lead to a civil war and yet that’s exactly what we have in our nation today. Again, our society lacks the knowledge of morality and righteousness to recognize the fullness of this problem. Such issues are never more evident than in our media right now.

20 — The entertainment industry distorts morality, creating an avenue of perversion and unclean expression.

There is a fine line between the freedom to pursue happiness and the freedom to harm others in the process of that pursuit. Our desire is to better define and put away evil on all fronts. When our past time becomes an accepted pathway for evil to be recognized and even glorified, our nation begins to live out those same evil fantasies in our daily lives. This level of immorality has to stop.

21 — Our children are not taught FIRST of The Most High God and His Word as they were at the founding of this nation.

We want our God and His Son brought back into our schools. Anyone not in line with this major step back toward a right and free society simply does not know the depths to which evil has begun its grip on our nation. We want The Bible to be the first school book our children carry to class, and we want prayer reinstituted to begin our school day.

22 — Our Elders are not given the respect of Eldership.

The Elders in our nation have lost the wisdom of generations gone by via the effects of the broken medical and pharmaceutical industry. That said, after restoring the knowledge and wisdom back to our Elders from the damage done to our current generation, we must begin to teach our young people to look to our Elders for instruction with respect and dignity. We also must encourage and create avenues for our Elders to be able to instruct the next generation accordingly.

23 — Our physicians have become doctors of pharmaceuticals, which do more damage than repair.

Working mostly void of faith, having no understanding of the prevention of disease, and many times void of compassion, our medical doctors do not point the sick to a more right way to live, relying on chemical medicine to cure, which is pharmakeia in The Bible, witchcraft and leads to death. They serve the almighty dollar, instead of the Hippocratic oath they take to become doctors in the first place.

24 — Our nation has become trapped by our own technology.

People being void of the knowledge of nature and nature’s God have become spoiled captives of The Enemy’s instant gratification of the flesh. This has caused the majority, from young to old, to go into our caves, fulfilling the words to Simon and Garfunkal’s song, “The Sound of Silence”. Our nation has bowed and prayed to the neon god we have made, as silence like a cancer grows.

25 — Men have been emasculated, causing men to fail in fulfilling the intended role Our Creator intended, as head of the household.

The Apostle Paul commanded men to love their wives. Somewhere along the line, men have lost the concept of what love actually is. As the stronger vessel, dealing with the more delicate side of the equation, men have either forced their love upon their wives or succumbed to the weakness of lending their leadership to the woman. Neither is acceptable. Men must learn to properly love and lead their families in the ways of righteousness.

26 — Women have been empowered beyond their intended role that Our Creator intended, as the central focus of the family.

From a young age, women are diverted and in fact, encouraged to follow pathways leading to success in the workplace and other venues causing women to fail in their intended role as a Proverbs 31:10–31 woman. The family structure is destroyed from within when such a path is fulfilled.

27 — Our leaders fail to look inwardly at their own shortcomings.

Our people desire to be ruled by their idea of perfection rather than by humility. It is for this reason, the leadership in our nation must put on airs of perfection, which leads to a prideful fall when sins become visible.

28 — The skilled tyranny of the usury banking system has enslaved our people to endless poverty.

The art of compiling interest must be dissolved and never allowed to be affected in our nation ever again. The Almighty forbids brothers in Israel to charge interest to one another. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies”. Building upon this evil is the printing of money void of any wealth to back that money. The Federal Reserve must be dissolved.

29 — Our food is grown and created a void of enzymes and nutrients, being genetically modified and processed with chemicals that make us sick, eventually killing us.

The geoengineering of our food must stop. Our diet has to be restored to the balance of nature and nature’s God, intent. We are what we eat and today, we are quickly becoming a body of chemically laden fat.

30 — Our farmland is raped, not allowed to rest to replenish its nutrients, as our farmers are forced to push the land beyond what God intended for the sake of more harvest.

The Almighty commanded the land to rest one year every seven to allow for the process of renewal. Serving the money god, our farmers have long since abandoned this God-ordained principle.

31 — Our reproduction has been Hijacked or tainted.

The curse of science is becoming evident more and more at this end time. Evil men, more concerned with de-population have poisoned much of our society, physically with medicine and sudo-vaccines which are now being shown to destroy the reproduction system and the development of babies in the womb.

32 — Our Judicial System and Police force is slanted toward feeding their own power than true justice and protection.

Top to bottom, there is massive corruption within our Judicial System. The Police force has become militarized and politicized. To be fair, the Police are in a no-win situation dealing with the massive amount of evil in our society. They are caught between corrupt judges that refuse to do justice and the evil they are to protect the people from.

33 — Assault on our second amendment rights.

Until the establishment of the fullness of the coming Kingdom or Government of the God of Heaven, here on this earth, our Founding Fathers knew there would be a need from time to time to oust Tyranical governmental administrations that rise up in our nation. We have failed to use this right in this nation and now the threat of removing our guns assures evil will never be brought down, apart from The Almighty’s divine providence. The ultimate goal is not to call upon Our Creator every time we fall into weakness accordingly. Righteousness should be able to govern itself, in righteousness.



Joey Thompson

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