America Is Not The UNITED STATES

Joey Thompson
3 min readApr 6, 2024



The overwhelming, prevailing thought concerning The United States of America, as it’s known in the mind of most people, is that the words America and The UNITED STATES are one and the same. The shocking truth is, these two entities are not only different, they are mortal enemies of one another. One knows it. The other is totally ignorant of this fact.

Within this work, I hope to be able to open your eyes to a story far older than the 400 plus years of America’s existence. One that is even older than European continuance. A story that is 100% true and very well documented for everyone to read and consider deeply.

In doing so, I hope to be able to convey some great mysteries along the way which will begin to explain the trouble in our land today. Trouble that is a direct result of well orchestrated plans from very long ago.

If you asked a random number of pre-millennials when America was founded, I dare say, the broad vast majority of those individuals would lend you an answer that went something like this.

“America’s history dates back to the end of the 18th century when the generation that made up our founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War and declared our nation to be independent of England in 1776.”

While that answer wouldn’t be entirely wrong, it would be woefully incomplete.

Simply put… America was prophesied over four thousand years ago, founded in 1619, declared in 1776, fully constituted in 1791, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, to everyone’s dismay, America was Hijacked beginning in 1869.

The above statement speaks to the heart and core of the title of this work. It is an esoteric mystery, along with the ancient prophetic telling, will reveal the greatest of all stories ever told. Once you wrap your mind around the full chronicle of America, it’s history, current state of futility, and its future chastisement and rebuild, you just can’t unsee it. It becomes a part of your psychological make up and you will then know why the entire world looks to America as the true shining city set on a hill. You may think you know why that is the case before reading this work, but trust me… You really know nothing at all.

So, from the outset you may be asking… What’s the difference between America and The UNITED STATES? Isn’t The United States of America a correct name for our nation? Hasn’t America always been that shining city on the hill? What’s the difference?

This work promises to answer all these questions and more. Your mind is about to be challenged, considering questions that you can never, at this moment in time even conceive of. Your understanding of matters that have shaped our nation, for good and for bad is about to come into focus in a way that will empower our nation to the kind of earth shaking revolution that our Founders pulled off two and a half centuries ago… Only this time, the nation we all love and the nation the world all looks to as the goal of liberty… true liberty, will be manifested for all that draw the breath of life to witness.

So, sit back and begin to gather some puzzle pieces of information that has been lost… Actually hidden from your geopolitical understanding. At the very end of this work, we will set those pieces into place to form a brand new picture of the past and the future, that will be worth framing to hang in the entrance way of your mind, forever.

Ready? Here we go.



Joey Thompson

An ordained Elder in the ministry of YHWH, commissioned to restore truth at this end time. You can contact me via email at: