Why The (Original) Constitution of The United States Can Not Work Today.

Joey Thompson
13 min readSep 16, 2020

Let it be known from the get go, I’m an avid constitutionalist. I see the original constitution of The United States (notice the capitalization) as not only a biblical document, but the very infancy of the coming Kingdom (government) of YHWH, The Almighty, here on this earth (Revelation 5:10). The very Kingdom, Yeshua The Christ spoke about, as he stated, “believe the gospel or good news, of the Kingdom of YHWH.”

That said, the point of this teaching will be, the government of THE UNITED STATES (notice the capitalization) is simply not the same government declared in 1776, constituted in 1791 and overthrown in 1869…..Key words in bold. I’ll explain all of that as we go, but first, lets get the terminology correct……

There are two headings you will need to know before anyone can fully come to understand the subject title. They are:

Law of the Land


Law of the Sea

So, allow me to quickly give some bullet points of each of these two forms of governance from two basic view points. First from a Biblical perspective. Then I’ll do the same from a modern day governmental perspective.

Biblical perspective of The Law of the Land:

  • Biblical Covenant Law
  • Exodus 20-23, Deuteronomy 4-31, Joshua 23-24
  • 31 Chapters Totally Void of Any Ceremonial / Sacrificial Law
  • How to Properly Worship YHWH and How to Live Justly with Your Fellow Man, in Liberty, Free from Bondage…..Or what Christians know as “Love Toward God, Love Toward Neighbor”.
  • An Eternal Codification of Law, Applicable for All Mankind, actually written on the very DNA of man.

Biblical perspective of The Law of the Sea:

  • Regulatory / Code Law
  • Levitical Priesthood Law via Sacrificial / Ceremonial Practices.
  • Exodus 25-31:11 Repeated in Exodus 35 through 40
  • 13 chapters Totally Void of Any Freedom or Liberty. A law of bondage.
  • Punishment for Sin. (See Galatians 3:19)
  • Instruction on How to Worship YHWH, Free from Idolatry, by the Use of Idolatry.
  • A Temporary Codification of Law, Used as A Tutor, Strictly for The Nation of Israel, Until Christ.

Governmental perspective of The Law of the Land:

  • Common Law
  • Hails Directly From Biblical Covenant Law
  • Based Upon Freedom to Choose Right From Wrong
  • Allows Free Men to Learn From Their Mistakes
  • Only Renders Recompense When Damage is Actually Done
  • Trust Completely in a Just Higher Power of Whom All People Agree.
  • The Law that will be used in the coming Kingdom of YHWH

Governmental perspective of The Law of the Sea:

  • Regulatory / Code Law Known as Admiralty Law
  • Hail Directly From Biblical Levitical Priesthood Law, which is a punishment for sin, with the foregone conclusion, man can not govern himself.
  • Based Upon Bondage of a People Who Have Proven Ungovernable
  • Removes True Freedom / Liberty, Stunting Character Growth
  • Renders Recompense Before Damage is Done via Fines and imprisonment.
  • Trust Completely in the Higher Power of Man, Void of God.
  • The Law of Babylon, creating confusion within the land….The mixing of law.

Now…….if you will study these two perspectives, of these two headings of how man is to be governed, both biblically and secularly, coming to know them, being able to rightly divide the truth properly, you are then ready to hear the facts of the subject title.

Question……Did you watch any of the recent Democratic and Republican Presidential Conventions? If so, you may have noticed a subtle difference in the American Flags represented at these respective conventions.

The RNC…….

The DNC……..

Do you see it?

The Gold Fringe around the American flag in the DNC picture? Do you see missing Gold Fringe in the RNC picture?

This was not by happenstance. It wasn’t overlooked by Trump and the Republican Party. It is with good reason, this occurred and I will explain shortly, but for now, just know, the gold fringe is a sign of Admiralty Law.

The following quotation hails from Wikipedia at the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_protester_conspiracy_arguments#:~:text=The%20gold%20fringe%20around%20the,is%20operating%20under%20martial%20law.

“The gold fringe around the United States flag, as displayed in all courts, designates them as Admiralty courts, which cannot hear other kinds of cases, or signal that the court is operating under martial law.”

This quotation come from the heading entitled, “Tax Protester Conspiracy Arguments” and only a glimpse into the open debate between those who desire common law to be restored in this land versus those who believe The Law of The Sea is best……And it just be noted, taxation is at the heart and core of this debate and always has been……Remember, it was taxation that started then revolutionary war on tyranny via The English Lord, King George.

So, what comes into your mind when you hear the word Admiral, as in Admiralty Law? If its not something to the effect of a ship at sea and or the head of that ship at sea, you really are reading the wrong article. To understand this subject, you’ll have to think critically using all of your mind to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The Big Picture….

Now go back and look again at the governmental perspective of The Law of The Sea and think critically, as laid out above in this writing.

Next, pull out your drivers licence. Take a good look at the spelling of your name. It is in all capitalization, totally not what you were taught in school. You address too. All Capitalization. Look at your Mortgage, your power bill, your cable bill, your automobile licence plate……All Capitalization……Why?

Take a good look at this very simple definition of Admiralty Law from Websters Dictionary:

Definition of admiralty

1capitalized : the executive department or officers formerly having general authority over British naval affairs

Fact: Our system of lawyers today in America operate under the BAR association. Do you know what B.A. R. stands for?

British Accreditation Registry.

A little history is in order before we move on. I’ll do this in bullet point form.

  • The very first use of the BAR in America was in 1761 under what can only be recognized as a common law system, here in America, but very clearly, history show, The English were well down the road to a dictatorial Law of The Sea form of government. Note the date is long before the revolutionary war which culminated in the independence of America from The British Commonwealth and in fact that war was based upon the rejection of The Law of Sea, governed by The King Admiral himself, King George.
  • The newly declared and constituted free entity called The united States of America (capitalization being correct), did not uphold the BAR Association as its criteria for lawyers operating in America. Fact is, there was no accreditation of Lawyers in America during the roughly century of events between The American Revolution and August 21,1878, the day The American BAR Association (ABA) was established. just over 100 years of a nation completely free of BAR associated tyranny within America courts.
  • With the establishment of the ABA the door swung open for an entity called “The Crown”, which has nothing at all to do with the Royal Family in Great Britain, to carry out the Hijacking of America, besought with grief after the nation destroying act of Civil War.
  • The “Powers That Be” aka “The Crown”, The Enemy behind this action can be addressed in another teaching but for now just know those “Powers That Be” are all ordained by YHWH directly for the purpose of punishing a nation (America) already by this time well on its way down the road toward total rejection of The Most High and His Covenant Law, during this century of freedom…..A time in which The True End Time Nation of Israel should have embraced its glory but instead actually turned from their God. In other words, via the very establishment of The ABA, YHWH gave America exactly what they wanted…..Man’s rule, rather than YHWH’s rule.
  • And thus Regulatory / Code, Admiralty Law was born in America, along with all of its accouterments such as the gold fringe bounding our American Flag, Capitalization on our adhesion contracts, and many other signs and symbols of The Crown’s power lording over an intended free people, in a worse oppression of tyranny than what our founding fathers fought against.
  • The Crown’s plan was to retake America as its own, for British rule and it succeeded. Thus America, once again became a British Colony called The UNITED STATES (All Caps) and in fact is a corporate entity of The Crown Itself, which is also no longer a common law entity but has since very much become a New World Order Dictator, the very captain of the Ship we know as Admiralty Law.

Now, back to the subject at hand…..The Original Constitution of The United States of America.

Consider Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on the subject…….the power our nation has invested in the Judicial side of a triad governmental equation of the Constitution of The United States of America. Take the time to read and think critically upon these thoughts by the very mind that wrote the founding words of The Declaration of Independence, which explains fully why the Constitution had to written to begin with. Click and read the list of quotation from Jefferson…….Then consider what we have become:

In short, Thomas Jefferson was predicting the very Hijacking of this nation, lawfully and in fact, the perfect storm was already brewing by the time of His Presidency rolled around in the early 1800's…..Like a prophet of old, he could see it on the horizon, as just a full generation of men later, our nation was ransomed to The Enemy for judgment.

Now, I’m not going into the details of the events of this nation leading up to the Civil War, which are evident within Jefferson’s thoughts in the early 19th century, but I will say this……The Civil War was a major part of the plan of The Crown. It was the devastation resulting from the Civil War that paved the way for the establishment of “The Crown” lead take over of The United States of America. The evil statement reiterated by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, has never been more applicable. Especially one created for that very intent,

There are three major players in the Hijacking of a nation in the manner our nation has experienced over the past 150 years. They are:

  1. The Territory
  2. The Judicial System
  3. The Banking System

With the establishment of The District of Columbia in 1869, a non-state, outside of the United States of America, the foundation was laid, as The Territory was lawfully established…….Step one was easily completed.

The third branch of the government, Jefferson wrote about in the above link, was already in place and by this time, very early in the post Civil War devastation of America, with the establishment of The American BAR Association in 1870, Judicial control was back in the hands of The Crown. Step two was easily completed.

The third step was ever so slightly more difficult to obtain…..The Money.

Ah, yes, The Money…..The true seat of power, and the love of which is the root of all evil. The problem “The Powers That Be” were facing was this…..The only way to gain the monetary power was to devalue the very thing they themselves coveted. Their solution………Fractional Reserve Banking.

Fractional reserve banking is the creation of fictional wealth, at a 10 to 1 ratio via the safe keeping of real wealth which the banks actually own.

In other words, your deposit of $1000.00 into a savings account at your local bank, allows that bank to create a loan of $900.00 of that $1000.00 to someone else and of course, the bank receives the interest off of that loaned $900.00, which is actually your money. The question is, who’s money was the $900.00? Was it yours or The Banks? Because neither one has it anymore. it now belongs to the one who received the load after you deposited the $1000.00. The answer is neither. It become wealth created, for now, that $1000.00 has become $1900.00, plus whatever interest the bank receives on top of that…….And what of the wealth created? It doesn’t really exist and is in fact monetary inflation, which leads to the subjugation of a nation, any way you cut it.

Thus Factional Reserve banking is a system resulting in financial captivity……Which brings me to the 4th major player, I conveniently forgot to mention in the Hijacking of America………………Slavery.

While the banking system control took a while, through the multi step process of removing the gold standard, to the establishment of The Federal Reserve and the trade imbalances we see today and all the shady politics in between, the removal of American personal sovereignty was instantaneous. In a New York Minute, The 14th amendment didn’t free The African Slaves……No, The 14th Amendment, made all men slaves, as Lincoln sign into law the ability for evil men to do exactly what Jefferson warned about a generation before hand.

You see, Negro slavery was wealth, to both the southern and northern portion of America. Without it, America would be just like any other nation, so the hostile take over from the London based Crown would need something to replace that missing wealth of Negro slavery…….An entire nation of slaves and slaves that thought they were actually free, no less. What could be better than that combination…….Nothing.

The 14th amendment literally made all men slaves to the newly founded system of THE UNITED STATES…….which is not a nation, but a corporation under The Crown. A corporate colony for the express purpose of bringing in the so called New World order…….Babylon, which we now see rising to power today.

Now, there are many, many more facts I could bring forth pointing to the reality, we live in a very different world than the signers of The Constitution of The United States in the late 18th century.

I could make the case that a person’s birth certificate is a legal adhesion contract, where the Mother basically signs the infants’s life away as a legal bond, signifying future wealth. A contract allowing those same “Powers That Be” to loan more money, creating more fake wealth, plunging the world into a deeper and deeper economic hole of slavery and debt.

…….Or I could explain the true power behind The Crown, itself, or even how it ties back to the spiritual battle dating back to the garden of Eden, as two seed lines do battle for control of mankind.

Instead however, I will wrap up this article by simply telling you where we are in end time prophecy, as this subject title is very much at the heart of the future of this nation we know as America.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the subject title is a fact. The original Constitution of The United States (a common law based document), simply can not work in today’s UNITED STATES (an admiralty law based code) government. The original Constitution of The United States was based upon The Law of the Land and can not fit in a Law of the Sea construct.

Regulation and code are put in place to remove freedom, not enhance it. Growth of any kind is stunted at every turn under a Law of The Sea governance. Our founding father knew this, but even the so called Supporters of The Constitution still haven’t figure this out yet. Why?, you might ask. Because they still see the two government systems as one system that has changed over time. It is not the same system. Not at all.

The Law of the Sea is the law of Babylon.

The Law of the Land is the Law of YHWH.

Notice very carefully this statement from Section 2 of Article 1 of the original constitution of The United States. What you will read here is the categories over which The Supreme Court would have jurisdiction. Notice Admiralty Law is just one category, not the head of all law itself. The Numbered list of this jurisdiction added for emphasis. Ten areas of which The Supreme Court of The United States of America shall have final say…..Admiralty and Maritime law is very clearly not matters of the land, but matters of sea and waterways.

The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority;- (1)to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public ministers and Consuls;- (2) to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction;- (3) to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party;- (4) to Controversies between two or more States;- (5) between a State and Citizens of another State;- (6) between Citizens of different States;- (7) between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and (8) between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.

In all Cases (9) affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, (10) the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.

Today, at this very moment in history, these two worlds (land and sea) are colliding, as we see YHWH’s man, Donald Trump, working within the Admiralty Law system of THE UNITED STATES, as a kind of Trojan Horse, to rebuild the very temple of government, YHWH had began to establish long ago……or as you might know it……..Make America Great Again. As opposed to the King of Babylon’s puppet Joe Biden, or whoever, actually runs as the Democrat party representative.

Scripture is pretty clear on this subject……. Donald Trump is not allowed to continue this process. The Enemy has to complete the one hour of power and total destruction of THE UNITED STATES before YHWH will re-take control.

If you, as the reader, desire to be a part of the rebuilding after the coming destruction, you need to own the subject of The Law of the Land versus the Law of The Sea, rightly dividing the word of YHWH in scripture and in history.

Joey Thompson




Joey Thompson

An ordained Elder in the ministry of YHWH, commissioned to restore truth at this end time. You can contact me via email at: joeythompson777@aol.com